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Come as you are

ottobre 24th, 2010

Come as you are


ottobre 15th, 2010

The impossible exists in the world of who sits but waits for nothing in return.
The impossible becomes possible with struggle.

~Santy Giuliano

I was born to love you…♥

settembre 13th, 2010

I WAS BORN TO LOVE YOU with every single beat of my heart..
Yes..I was born to take care of you every single day of my life…

I’m caught in a dream and MY DREAM’S COME TRUE..
I WANNA LOVE YOU.. I love every little thing about you..
I wanna love you, love you, love you…
I was born to love you with every single beat of my heart…♥
.Freddie Mercury.

13-9-2010…da 6 mesi mi hai messo le ali..   GRAZIE… ti amo..

La FELICITA’ è come una FARFALLA tra le mani…

agosto 20th, 2010

La Felicità è come una farfalla tra le mani…
Se la stringi troppo muore, ma se la lasci se ne va..
Accarezzala e sarà sempre con te!

Dedicata a *Citazioni famose*

Loving You…

agosto 12th, 2010

I read your eyes while listening to my heart.

Santy Giuliano

What is Family?

agosto 4th, 2010

Family is where one can live in total liberty and love without fear… Blood and family relations have nothing in common. Family can be anywhere and anyone. For it is because of caring people that it is possible to transform pain and solitude into hope, smiles, and love forever.

-Santy Giuliano

Living in a Life of Today

agosto 4th, 2010

We live in an era where technology is a fantastic instrument, but oftentimes we pilot our lives and relationships, whether social or personal, with a computer mouse. Our life is swept away by this digital revolution almost to the point of not having any reason to move physically. With a press of a button you can be anywhere you want to be! Feelings and affections are read, judged, and evaluated according to the expressions contained with placements of periods and commas. No matter how hard anyone tries, no one will be able to stop or change this lifestyle. As life proceeds, there will be less time for human contact. No matter how big or small the influence; life will be handled by a computer. Looking into a person’s eyes will become optional. After all, evolution has already ripped us away from our life itself.   (Santy Giuliano)

True friendship is seen through the heart

luglio 8th, 2010

“True friendship is seen through the heart, not through the eyes.”

~ Anonymous

Hero, “Enrique Iglesias”

febbraio 10th, 2010


Would you dance if I asked you to dance, would you run and never look back? ♥
Would you cry if you saw me crying, would you save my soul tonight?

Balleresti se ti chiedessi di ballare, correresti senza mai voltarti?
Piangeresti se mi vedessi piangere, salveresti la mia anima stanotte?

- Hero, “Enrique Iglesias“.

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